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Customers are saying

"The variety is fantastic. I'm trying things I've never had before (like kohlrabi) and loving it! Even my kids are buying into."

-Anthony G.


"What a great concept! Fruits and vegetables delivered to your door and to top it off...they're organic! There has already been an uptick in the family's consumption of healthy foods since we started getting deliveries last month. Love it!"

-Brent H.


"Great service. The variety, quality and customer service are all top-notch. Highly recommended."

-Shawn T.


"I love how you include all these great ideas in the newsletter and on your Facebook page. They're always simple (which is great) and so good too. I haven't tried a bad one yet!"

-Samantha A.


"So I got this weird looking thing in my box yesterday...couldn't figure out what it was until I finally got smart enough to look at the paper that came in the box! Turns out it was celery root. I made celery root puree and I think I'm in love! So delicious! We love you Its Organic 2U!"

-Katrina S.