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About Us

Why we started?

Upon relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we discovered how difficult it was to find a diverse selection of organic produce at local grocery stores that was FRESH, locally grown and chemical/GMO-free. Struggling to eat healthy, we began researching and talking to many of the farmers at the farmers markets. We quickly realized we had a number of farmers that practiced sustainable farming with incredibly fresh produce right in our backyard. Our conversations also revealed the struggles organic farmers face and how non-sustainable farming is not only bad for us but also how it has a huge negative impact on the environment.


Based on this information and the idea that there must be a superior, more convenient way to buy organically grown produce, It’s Organic 2U! was born. It’s Organic 2u! was formed on the simple idea of connecting communities with local farmers through our Home Delivery Service and Mobile Market.


Like many of you, we’re on a journey to live better, eat healthy, and work towards being more sustainable . We realize that this can be a challenge in our busy lifestyles so we are committed to providing the freshest, sustainably grown, organic fruits and vegetables directly to Dallas / Fort Worth families!

Why it’s good?

    • Over 40% of our products are locally sourced, which creates jobs and reduces transportation emissions.
    • Our goal is to buy from as many local farms and suppliers as possible. By buying locally, you get fresher, tastier food as well as support your local community.

We sell a growing list of Fair Trade products guaranteeing better wages and conditions for farmers and food producers.


  • 100% of our produce is either certified organic or local and sustainably produced
  • Our delivery service reduces pollution and congestion. When a van leaves our warehouse with 100-200 orders, it decreases the number of vehicles on the road.


Why Local?

When you purchase local food, you are involved in an important movement that contributes to your local economy, improves food security, reduces your environmental impact, and provides more nutrient rich foods.


The concept of buying local is simply to buy food grown as close to your home as possible. Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that is healthy, does not harm the environment, respects workers, is humane to animals, provides fair wages to farmers, and supports and enhances rural communities. Sustainable farms are run by family farmers who are hardworking, honest, and sincere people. They work all hours of the day and night to bring you the freshest, tastiest, best quality food available. You are an important part of sustainable farming.


By making the choice to buy local, you will empower yourself by understanding exactly where your food comes from and how it was produced. We all need to build a greater awareness to understand the details of the most important medicine we give ourselves, our food.


Since your produce will be from local farms, it will not have to be transported and stored for days or weeks. The produce that you receive has often been picked 24-48 hours before it arrives on your doorstep! Food from far away is older, has traveled long distances in trucks or planes, and has spent a great deal of time in warehouses or supermarket shelves before it finally gets to your table. You will be amazed with how good our produce tastes, and it will stay fresh longer since it was only picked the day before! Plus, the less time that passes between farm and table, the fewer nutrients fresh produce will lose.


There are many questions that consumers may not know the answers to if they are shopping at a grocery store. A few of these questions might be:


• Who grows the fruits and vegetables, and where is the farm located?

• How big is the farm?
• Does the farmer use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on his crops?
• Are any of the fruit or vegetable varieties genetically engineered (GMO)?
It’s Organic 2U! is committed to knowing these answers for you, and we cannot wait for our community to share the benefits!